Objects to Play

Object Presents, a group of designers based in The Netherlands, present their work in a yearly exhibition during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. For their 4th exhibition, they commissioned a poster and entrance ticket to the design show.

The theme of play inspired the style and arrangement of typography. Objects Presents asked portrait photographer Lisa Klappe to make a photo that represented a circus-like, fun feeling, where it is not obvious to the observer what the object he's playing with is. This method sought to invite people to come to the exhibition to reveal the concept further with the designer's specific works. The object in the poster is not real; it's just produced to stimulate the idea by the group. As the main focal point of the poster, it was important to create a background that would lend well to the image, hence the division of colours in the centre.

For the entrance ticket, the same typography 'raisonne' was used to create continuity. Hologram foil was used for the letters against a neutral background. A space was left on the ticket where the visitor could stamp his or her attendance and make it their own designed keepsake.

Photo: Lisa Klappe
Design: Studio& (In collaboration with Cathelijn Kruunenberg)