Modebelofte 2016

A new identity was created for Modebelofte (meaning Modebelofte 'fashion promise') - an international platform for fashion talent that seeks to further develop the industry by presenting fresh perspectives and stimulating interdisciplinary collaborations.

As well as the identity, Studio& were commissioned to make a logo, poster and invitation for an exhibition held at the arrival hall of Eindhoven Airport. Photographer Imke Ligthart was asked to make a photo that represented the concept. Taking inspiration from rave and punk flyers of the eighties, we constructed a playful typographic identity. The identity was not limited to the exhibition - its adaptive qualities meant that the organisers could use it for future exhibitions and work. It was re-used for the Modebelofte 2016 'Adaptive Travelers' exhibition, which took place from October 22 - 30 during Dutch Design Week at de Bijenkorf in Eindhoven.

Concept 2016
Man has crossed mad oceans and eerie mountains made his way through dense jungles and scorching deserts he has explored primeval caves and conquered the vast skies always reaching beyond. Unstoppable in his urge to move, to improve his existence and to satisfy his hunger for adventure he invents tools, mechanisms and technologies, experimenting, elaborating, improving and revolutionizing what was before. Having settled, inhabited and cultivated all corners of the world he is forever doomed to build on the ruines of past attempts while resources get exhausted. Yet we keep going, reinventing life itself.

Modebelofte 2016 'Adaptive Travelers' took place from October 22 - 30 during Dutch Design Week at de Bijenkorf in Eindhoven.

Design: Studio&
(In collaboration with Cathelijn Kruunenberg)

Photos: Imke Ligthart Movie: Ingredient Media